July 14, 2010

HappyBirthday2me... buuu

Today is my birthday an other year is gone NOOOOOO more oldest :(
(Cuz I need to confess I don´t like to have a birthday it´s kind of depressing 4me)
but also is a new start_ So let party like a RockStar and Enjoy life

hope this year I can be more risky and live life to the fullest No More FEAR!!!!

YEAHiiii So lets start again a whole NEW YEAR all 4me!!!
A new year to spend with Family & Friends!!!

Soo Happybirthday 2me!!!


  1. Yeah happy birthday to you! Like the thought about being more risky.
    Anyhow, would you like to swab links?
    Cecilie.E from www.highlydazed.com

  2. Sky ferreira picture looks so cool! love her... Late Happy birthday to you :)